3 Common Keto Diet Mistakes to Avoid

3 Common Keto Diet Mistakes to Avoid

September 23, 2019

Do you ever wonder why many people fail at the Keto diet? Well, one reason is that they fail to follow a consistent routine. What you need to keep in mind is that the human body is undoubtedly a self-healing machine. However, it requires a nutrient-dense diet.

When we talk about a properly formulated ketogenic diet, we are talking about low carbohydrates, high fat and a moderate amount of protein. Most people perceive this approach theoretically, but they fall short when it comes to practical implementation.

When people start the Keto diet, they are able to meet their initial goals with ease. Disaster normally strikes after two to three weeks when people feel starved no matter how much fat they consume.

Are you going through the same agony? If your answer is yes, then we may have some essential insight that can help you avoid serious mistakes related to the Keto diet.


Substituting Processed Carbohydrates with Butter and Burgers is Not Correct

What you need to keep in mind is that a quick win should never be your target. Remember that the weight loss will come if you are patient and apply the right dieting techniques. The first thing you should keep in mind is that substituting processed carbohydrates with butter is not a smart idea.

The micronutrients and the vitamins derived from plants are also essential for your well-being. If you have a properly formulated ketogenic diet, then it will improve the mitochondrial function. Plus, the oxidative damage will get reduced. You need to choose your food taking into consideration your long term health and vitality.



Eating Proteins in Excess

Another mistake that people make when on the Keto diet is that they consume a lot of proteins. The worst part is that when you start with excessive protein consumption your craving increases with every passing day.

The reason this happens is that protein seems more satisfying than fats, and this is why you want to eat more of it. What you need to know is that eating a lot of proteins is insulinemic just like the carbohydrates.

The insulin tends to scurry into the fat cells, muscles and the liver. The bad news is that you will end up gaining weight if you consume proteins in excess.


Missing out on Fiber and resistant starches

Now, another critical mistake that people make when on the Keto diet is that they miss out on resistant starches and fiber in their diet. The resistant starches play a crucial role to help you combat your hunger.

Plus, they help to feed the good Microbiota in your gut. When the Microbiota feeds on the resistant starches, then they produce short-chain fatty acids. For example, short-chain fatty acid Butyrate gets produced by the body. It decreases the permeability of the gut. When the gut is more permeable, then there are more chances that you will develop food allergies.

Make sure that you refrain from making these common mistakes and you are bound to get positive results when on the Keto diet. Take control of your life and start enjoying this wonderful lifestyle!