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Keto For Beginners - eBook

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Embarking on a new diet is rarely if ever easy. It’s always easy to begin, but rarely easy to complete. In other words, too many people treat embarking on a new diet as a short spring rather than a long marathon.

The big reason why many people are unable to stick to a diet is because they don’t experience the results of the diet fast enough.

But there are certain kinds of diets that will show you their benefits very quickly. One such example is called the Ketogenic diet.

The Ketogenic, or Keto for short, is a very safe and efficient diet designed to provide you with more energy and higher metabolism to shed extra pounds.

Those on the Keto diet commonly feel more alive, vibrant, and fulfilled.

Of course, so far you’re probably unconvinced, and that’s why this book is here to help you.

You’re probably wondering – what is the Keto diet exactly? How does it compare to other diets? How will it help me? Is it safe?

These are the kinds of questions that we will answer within the pages of this book.

In this book we will cover the following subjects:

  • How The Keto Diet Works
  • Keto Diets vs. Other Diets
  • Which Type of Keto Diet Is Best For You?
  • What Benefits Does A Keto Diet Give You?
  • Is It Safe To Go On A Keto diet?
  • What Are Macros?

By the end of this book, your knowledge on what keto is and how exactly it can benefit you will have increased substantially.

Let’s get started!


About the Author

Joshua Christensen has always had a passion for health, fitness, and philanthropy. He enjoys helping others along their journey to better health through proper nutrition, dieting, and exercise. Joshua is the VP of Marketing for Genius Gourmet Inc. and currently resides in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. He loves spending time with his family, the outdoors and enjoys doing what he can to help others achieve their goals.