A Brief Overview of Ketosis

A Brief Overview of Ketosis

September 23, 2019


Keto-diet is one of the hottest trends when it comes to healthy weight-loss diets. The keto diet is capable of providing sustainable weight loss results with improved holistic health. It provides the perfect balance of budget, health, and nutrition. There is so much to love about this wholesome diet. However, many people often jump into the diet without properly understanding its mechanism, and thus, end up wondering why things don’t go as they planned.  

Many weight-loss diets are infamous for promising and/or providing quick weight loss results followed by rapid weight gain. Often, it happens due to the lack of properly understanding the core essentials. You don’t want to end-up sabotaging your weight loss goals due to 

The ketogenic diet is a marathon and definitely not a sprint. One common myth about the diet is that you start shedding weight immediately after you start it. Well, the fact is that you don’t. To achieve your keto health goals, it becomes essential to understand its vital aspects such as a state of Ketosis.



What is Ketosis?

Ketosis, often referred to as “nutritional ketosis” is a physiological state achieved by the body to facilitate the breakdown of fats.

Ketosis is a normal metabolic process. Our body experiences a mild level of ketosis, when we skipped a meal, or don’t consume too many carbohydrates in a day. However, the body is rarely in a state of ketosis, where it can deliver health benefits.

Biologically, our body is naturally adapted to breakdown stored carbohydrates/glucose whenever there are energy needs. Our routine diet stuffs the body with high levels of carbohydrates. Since our body has plenty of carbs in the bank, it keeps on burning them first. Unused carbohydrates/glucose gets stored in the body leading to weight gain/obesity.

Ketosis is targeted to replace carbohydrate with healthy fats as a primary energy source. By curbing carbohydrates intake and increasing consumption of healthy fats, the body gradually stops relying on glucose/carbohydrates and replaces it with healthy fats.

To simplify, when the body lacks enough glucose for energy, it burns stored healthy fats.


How Ketosis Delivers Sustainable Results?

When you are on a keto diet, you only start losing weight once you are in ketosis, and not before.

Before switching to the keto diet, our body has already been naturally adapted to utilize carbohydrates/glucose for energy requirements. As a result, when an attempt has been made to replace the primary energy source, it does not happen overnight.


Ketosis Adaption

When we switch to the keto diet, our body goes through numerous changes due to the new diet pattern and takes time to adapt/settle to normalize. Time taken for the body to be in ketosis varies from one person to another; it can take a few days and can also take many weeks to adapt/settle.

Ketosis is a natural process and requires a fair amount of time to completely replace healthy fats as a primary fuel source. That is why one should not expect quick weight loss results and other associated benefits. After the body is in ketosis, it starts to deliver the health perks associated with the keto diet.

The revolutionary keto diet is all about being your healthiest self. Let’s follow it right to keep our body functioning in its optimal way.


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