Staying Motived on Keto

Staying Motived on Keto

January 11, 2021

Dieting is never fun, but the results are often worth the sacrifice. After you’ve reached a certain point in your diet, you may even second guess why you are doing it in the first place. This feeling might be at its peak during the summer and the Holiday season. With a plethora of invites to social events, it seems like the perfect opportunity to stop dieting. In this article, we will provide some tips to keep you motivated during your Keto diet.


Create Challenges

Creating a routine during the beginning of a new diet is crucial to your success. Over time, that routine can drain your motivation. Making weekly challenges during your diet will keep you engaged. The challenge doesn’t have to be anything special, just something that will take your mind off the diet. Here are a few examples of easy challenges.

  • Fitness Challenge – You could set a goal of doing 50 sit-ups per day or 50 squats. Each week you may want to increase the number of reps you do of each exercise.
  • Water Challenge – You could set a goal of drinking a certain amount of water per day. On average, we should be drinking eight glasses of water per day. You can also google a water intake calculator, and it will tell you the exact amount of water recommended. You can challenge yourself by doubling that number.


Switch Up Your Recipes

Diet food can be bland and boring if you don’t put effort into finding new recipes. You may like eating a certain thing, but after three or four months of eating that particular food, you will become sick of it. This is another reason you may not be feeling motivated about continuing Keto. Instead, consider switching up your recipe look for a keto alternative to your favorite meals.


Recipe book on Genius Gourmet

Genius Gourmet also has a keto recipe book with over 100 great tasting recipes. The book is available for purchase for only $4.99. If you purchase any of our Keto snacks, you can get the book for free with the promo code: freesimplerecipes


Find a new Hobby

One of the best ways to stay motivated on a diet is by not thinking about it. Picking up a new hobby will keep your mind occupied. Is there a new skill or activity you’ve wanted to learn, this is the perfect time to make it happen. Here are some great hobbies to consider.

  • Cycling
  • 5K
  • Book Club
  • Painting
  • YouTube Channel (you can start a channel about your Keto diet)
  • Blogging
  • Traveling
  • Cooking
  • Climbing
  • Bird Watching
  • Camping
  • Volunteering
  • Photography 

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