2021 Health and Wellness Resolutions

2021 Health and Wellness Resolutions

January 11, 2021

2020 was a crazy year, to say the least; within months, our optimism for the new decade turned into uncertainty. Months of lockdown might have left you with a lack of motivation to diet or do anything. Fortunately, 2020 is over, and the opportunity to start fresh is here. This article will discuss some of the ways you can achieve a healthier lifestyle in 2021.


Mindset Shift

Before you can take on the challenge of health and wellness goals, you can make sure you have the correct mindset. At the start of a New Year, most people are motivated to do things differently. But after a month or two, it can be challenging maintaining that focus.


Baby Steps

Instead of creating a massive list of health and wellness goals, pick one or two. It’s easier to shift your mindset when you have a few things to focus on. Once you’ve successfully knocked out those goals, you can add another. Most people fail at keeping their New Year’s Resolutions because they make too many goals. If you can mentally prepared for the sacrifices that you will have to make, you’ll achieve those goals.


Weekly Journal

Another way to shift your mindset is keeping an accountability journal, which you will use to record all of your health and wellness progress and shortcomings. If you decided to eat sweets or fast food, make sure to write it down in your journal. If you hit a milestone in your fitness goals, write it down. You can review all the wins and losses from that week and adjust at the end of the week.


The journal is not meant to shame you into doing the right thing; instead, it is a tool to keep you on track. Often, we have a cheat day, which discourages us from continuing with our health and wellness goals. Tracking your activity and nutrients will shift your mindset when you see your health and wellness journey weekly.


New Routine

Most of the time, our health and wellness goals fail because we repeat the same patterns. We eat the same foods and do the same activities. This year try to switch things up, so the goals that make are lifestyle shifts.


New Recipes
Starting a new diet can be challenging; adding the layer of limited recipes can derail your plans faster than you know. There are only so many days that you can eat grilled chicken and veggies. If you decided that Keto is the right diet for you, we have a recipe book filled 100 plus dished to try.


In addition to great recipes, you should have some to-go snacks that will keep you filled between meals. To ensure that your new lifestyle change is permanent, you will need the proper nourishment. Fruits and nuts are great snack options; Genius Gourmet also has an extensive line of KETO snack products.


New Workouts

The gym is not for everyone, but to maximize your results, adding exercise to your routine will help. The traditional gym can be intimidating if it’s not something you’re used to. Instead, try specialty classes like Zumba, Yoga, Cycle, kickboxing, and more.


Lifestyle changes are not easy, but it can be done if you approach them with the right attitude. Remember, the first step is changing your mindset, then you change your routine.


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