Everything you need to know about MCT Powders

Everything you need to know about MCT Powders

May 14, 2021

If you're new to the ketogenic diet, you might not have heard of MCT Powders and some of its advantages. This article discusses everything MCT powder-related, from what it is to the benefits while on Keto.

What is MCT?

Most of the fatty foods that you consume have some form of triglycerides. They can be categorized as short, medium, and long-chain triglycerides. You may have already guessed it, but MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides.

MCT's are absorbed faster in the bloodstream, which is excellent when you are on Keto because you can get an energy boost quicker.


MCT Powder 

Before you started Keto, you probably researched the diet's premise and what you needed to get started. If you took it a step further, you might have discovered information and products with MCT powder or oil. MCT Powder is more versatile than MCT Oil, hence its popularity amongst keto dieters.

Caprylic acid (C6), Caprylic acid (C8), Caprylic acid (C10), and (C12) are amongst the most common MCTs. MCT powder is produced through "spray-drying," which transforms the liquid MCT into powder. Starch or starch derivatives and milk proteins are also often added to the powder before the process is complete.

MCT powder can be added to make delicious smoothies, coffee, and other beverages in its final form.



You might have already guessed it, but MCT oil has the same benefits as the powder, the only difference being that it's in a liquid form. Its texture can make it challenging to consume in drinks like coffee or tea because of its oiliness. Some MCT oil users report gut distress while using the product. This could include diarrhea or discomfort, which is minimized when you use the powder. MCT Oil is easier to incorporate in cooked meals and raw foods. In contrast, MCT powders are great for baked goods. 

MCT Powder On Keto

Whether you utilize MCT powder at the beginning or intermediate stages of your keto diet, it can be helpful. If you've hit a plateau and have been experiencing a lack of energy or motivation to continue the diet, MCT powder can give you a boost.

The amount of powder you should use is determined by your fitness goals and body type. Start with a small dosage and then increase as you get farther in the diet. As your body gets used to the powder, you can increase the amount as needed.

The beauty of MCT Oil Powder is that it's available in flavored and unflavored, which can help you get used to the taste of the substance. Genius Gourmet has created a flavored collagen powder with MCT Oils. Not only does this provide you with an energy boost, but it promotes a youthful appearance. 


When Should You Take MCT Powder

MCT Powder can be taken at any stage of your keto diet, but the hours you take it are crucial. A significant component of any diet is ensuring you have an ample amount of rest for your body to recharge. We recommend taking MCT powder earlier in the day so that your body does not have energy at night when you should be resting. Lack of sleep can derail your fitness journey, so make sure you monitor the time of day you take MCT Powders or Oils.


Here is a list of ways you can incorporate MCT Powders into your diet:

  1. Breakfast: Mix some of Genius Gourmet Unflavored, Chocolate or Vanilla MCT powder with collagen into your morning coffee or smoothie.
  2. Pre or Post-Workout: Need an energy boost before or after the gym? MCT Powder will do the trick.
  3. Baked Goods: Thinking about baking a cake, add some MCT powder for the nutritional value

There are endless possibilities in terms of how you can incorporate MCT powder into your diet and lifestyle change.

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